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We are a Dynamic Set Of twins Creating connection opportunities to improve oneself, Strengthen families, and Inspire positive change in your community.

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Improve Oneself:

Self-Care is a vital element to any healthy & successful person.

We seek to offer the space and tools to reimagine what self-care can look like for you. To throw away societies expectations on how to love your mind, body, soul, and spirit. 

Daytime & weekend retreats for all ages and stages of life. 

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Strengthen Families:

Our family is at the core of who we are.

We strive to strengthen these families partnering with professionals to offer workshops, classes, and creating events that are enjoyable and educational.

We also can Help with organizing those Big Moments of Life: Weddings, Baby Showers, Going Away Parties, End of life Celebrations, etc.


Inspire Community:

We are stronger together.

We encourage supporting local businesses through vendor events and Educational Opportunities that connect our community with the professionals they need. 

So whether you need a space to sell, Help Organzing a fundraiser, or throwing a community concert, We can help.  

Upcoming Events

Fearless (2)

2022 Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival 

The 2022 Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival is quickly approaching! We have expanded the event this year and are adding to some of our already amazing events.
July 29th, 2022 - Kids Program ( and Balloon Glow (
July 30th, 2022 - SC Movie at the Marina Feat the Movie "UP" (
July 30th-31st, 2022 - Launches and Vendor Event
- Interested in being a vendor: Fill out this form
- Food Vendors apply here:
- Ground Crew: Email to sign up!
PCOS Fundraiser (1)

PCOS Fundraiser & Vendor Event


Vendors, Food Trucks, Raffles, and More details to come!
September 17th, 2022
from 10am-4pm
Location: The Igloo, Elko
Vendor Signups: Please fill out this form to be let us know you are interested in participating!
Win a Staycation! Winner will Receive a Night at a Local Hotel and Dinner!
(Sponsored by Sandra Velazquez, Next Home Infinity Realty)


Very friendly and well put together I think they did a great job.

I wouldn't change anything!


Vendor at Community Carnival

I enjoyed the atmosphere very much. The group of people out there vibed really well together and created a great environment for our visitors. I really enjoyed the networking aspect more than anything because right now thats the most crucial aspect of growing our business


Local Vendor